As long as there is no interruption of the process of perception, these multiplicities constitute de facto a continuum of aspects, in which one aspect flows continuously into its successor. The individual aspects are basically merely the passing phases of a process.

Roman Ingarden, Cognition of the Literary Work of Art

The following research proposes a form of graphical analysis that illustrates hierarchical densities of visual regard without obscuring the original pictorial stimulus. Integrating both fixation locations and their respective dwell times, randomized Gaussian distribution provided a technique to augment Voronoi generating seeds and enhance graphical resolution. Color pixel values were then used to fill in resultant Voronoi cells, in relation to color values provided by the original stimulus.

image tesselation

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Contents published as "Representing hierarchies of visual regard in eye-tracking analysis," in Leonardo (2022). https://doi.org/10.1162/leon_a_02096